1.2.3. Consulting and FCA Africa

1.2.3. Consulting has always been a leader in terms of innovation and taking a new-age approach to business. For that reason, we are moving even further into the future in a merger with First Consulting Alliance (FCA) Africa to bring you the bet of both worlds of Accounting and Tech.

Why the merger with FCA Africa?

FCA has been trusted as a leader in the realm of information services since 1988. They are one of South Africa’s leading integrated business solution partners who thrive on their skill in adapting to a market that is constantly changing.

As a tech firm that shares our commitment to innovation and world-changing approaches to the way of doing business, we believe FCA Africa’s cutting-edge technology, paired with 1.2.3. Consulting’s expertise in the realm of Accounting and Business solutions make us the ideal match.

What does this mean for you?

We believe that the versatility embedded in the core of FCA’s cutting edge technology along with 1.2.3. Consulting’s extensive expertise in accounting and business advisory puts you in the front seat because it means:

  1. Greater resources and expertise at your disposal
  2. New solutions for the needs of your business
  3. A greater focus on innovative accounting software
  4. A better overall customer experience
  5. New services, such as document management, eCommerce, compliance, data-analysis and POPI compliance

1.2.3. Consulting and FCA Africa - leading you forward.