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October 31, 2016
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October 31, 2016






a3_bLucro has joined in association with Little LogBook to provide our clients with a solution that automates one of the most mundane, but very important tasks of keeping an accurate logbook.

Being caught administering your business or department, rather than running it, is no joke! Even more so when the administration ends up below par, through no fault of your own.

Comprehensive data, clever systems and technology make the management and administration accurate and less time consuming. But what happens when the data is questionable?

We rely on our staff and colleagues to maintain accurate data, but they are not infallible. For example, maintaining an accurate travel log for business mileage has far more impact on business, than the obvious business tax claim.

Comprehensive digital location based activity monitoring and detailed travel logs allow for accurate data into various components of business.

  • Finance has accurate content to administer expenses
  • Confidently manage outbound staff whereabouts, timekeeping and efficiencies.
  • Add value to sales meetings with Customer specific activity reports.
  • Cut out unnecessary downtime
  • Eradicate ghost mileage claims
  • Credible content to act on fictitious activities.
  • Add concrete, GPS based, information to your staff KPI’s and performance reviews, with filtered reporting options.
  • Ensure the Company’s compliance with regulatory requirements, such as the POPI act, CCMA and SARS.

Little LogBook has no cables, requires no physical installation, easily transferable as staff come and go and as Little LogBook has no monthly or annual charges, all the saving and benefits aren’t whittled away with costly long term contracts.

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