Logbook lethargy? There is help!

A year of Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs!
January 27, 2017
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January 27, 2017

As we embark on a new year, we reflect on our weaknesses from last year and promise ourselves to strive to be better this year. We start the year off  with guns blazing, but soon fall back into our old habits and routine. This is echoed at the start of every new tax year too.

When it comes to the time for tax submissions, we scrounge around verifying evidence to substantiate our claims as to ensure we get as much back from the taxman as possible without incriminating ourselves. It’s a stressful time, complicated by the shortcomings of our record keeping from last year.

Something as easy as keeping a logbook, is potentially worth thousands in value, but year on year we fail to implement a good tracking system for the simple reason that we are too busy rushing from point A to point B.

SARS is one of the few government departments that is run like a Rolls Royce factory, with its purpose being to achieve the fiscal goals set at budget time, in which they need our money to do so. Even though we have aspirations to start the new tax year off with our logbook locked and loaded it is so easy to slip up, trying to recreate a logbook for a year is not only difficult, but extremely dangerous.

We live in a connected world, controlling our day-to-day activities with innovative technologies, the days of using smoke signals to communicate are long gone… So why hassle with the upkeep of a manual logbook, when there are seamless digital options available at your fingertips! Little LogBook  was born for just this reason.

Little LogBook eliminates the mundane task of keeping an accurate logbook, not only for personal tax, but for business management and tax requirements too. Simply plug the Little LogBook device in your vehicle and let our automated GPS do the recording for you, drive around carefree, knowing Little LogBook has your back. Unplug the device and download your trip data to the Little LogBook Global software in seconds and voila! You have a trouble free logbook at hand.

The powerful yet easy to use application, allows for the ability to supply detailed and accurate reports of the vehicles activity for a once off fee! Yes that’s right, you will only pay for the device, after that everything else is free!

We are tasked to keep our records for 5 years and as all your trips data is digitized using Little LogBook you can lose the scruffy pieces of paper, extracting historic reports is now only a click away and far more easily accessible, than reams of manually captured paper as well as more environmentally friendly!

So are you going keep  to do the same as last year and expect a different result? OR are you going to get your Little LogBook and breath easy, knowing you have all the tools to keep the tax monster at bay?

Once you use our product you will never understand how you got through tracking your travel before. Make your life easier and join the Little Logbook family, contact us today for more information!

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